Academies of Union County

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The first log cabin school in Morganfield was located near a natural spring. The seats were rough wood and the desks were a board plank.

 In 1821 the General Assembly approved the building of an Academy. It was a brick building on South Morgan Street. Before it could be occupied a fire destroyed the building. It was not until 1828 a new building was completed. It was located where the present Post Office is now and the name was changed to COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE. It had three departments, Collegiate, Academic and Primary.

 In 1892 when the public school system was inaugurated the academy closed.

the dormitory was later known as the Vaughn House and it too has been destroyed. The pillars from the academy can be seen today on the stately home known as the Cottingham Home on main street across the street from the Post Office.

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St. Rose Academy
Located in Uniontown, Kentucky

Uniontown had no public schools until 1872 when by request of the priest at St. Agnes Church came the St. Rose Academy. It was established by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

 In 1905 the name was changed to St. Agnes school and in 1922 the high school was established. The flood of 1937 destroyed the buildings. It was the same year all schools, except parochial schools, were consolidated under the county schools system.

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Old Ohio Valley College Dormitory

Now the S.W.T. Wallace Home


Ohio Valley College

Located in Sturgis, Ky. The Academy was founded in 1895 by the Baptists of Union County, Kentucky. It was a two story brick building on a tree shaded campus of twelve acres.

 It had a regular college department, teacher training, commeercial courses and music. A dormitory was erected in 1907 called the McGill Home.

 Due to lack of funds the Academy closed in 1914. When the building was dismantled the materials were used in the construction of the First Baptist Church of Sturgis.

 The dormitory was sold for a private home. Fire caused considerable damages, but over time, repairs have been made and the home still stands in Sturgis.

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Caseyville Academy

Caseyville, due to it's location on the Ohio River, was a very prosperous community in Union County in the early 1800's. Therefore their educational system started early, usually held wherever a room could be found. Sometimes seats of rough boards were supplied but most of the time the children furnished their own tables and chairs.

 In 1840 a brick building was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Wathen and the Caseyville Academy was established. Flood waters damaged the building beyond repairs, thus the Academy ceased to exist and a consolidated school for Caseyville and Mulfordtown came into existence. (No Picture Available on Caseyville) 

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