Sacred Heart Baptisms 1818-1824


I have generally not set down the maiden name of the mothers until October 1835.I intend to continue.Elisha John Durban.

September 13, 1818.George son of Peter Heuts & Mary Clements.Sponsor Martin Lambert Heuts & Joanna Clements.B. February 14, 1809.

September 13, 1818.Eliza daughter of Robert Calvert & Elizabeth Clements.Sponsor Elizabeth Alvey.


The below baptisms (1819) I think are done by Rev. Hendricks or Rev. Abell.

February 7, 1819.I baptized Elizabeth daughter of John Pierceall & Matilda Wimsatt.Sponsor Hugh & Teresa Alvey.B.August 18, 1817.

February 7, 1819.Mahala daughter of Joseph Pierceall & Elizabeth Abell.Sponsors John Pierceall. & Mary Hite. B. July 16, 1809.

April 16, 1819.Elvira daughter of Cornel Robertson & Clara.Sponsor Jane Alvey.

April 16, 1819.Jerome son of Cornel Robertson & Clara.Sponsor Anna Blandford.

April 18, 1819.Benedict Joseph son of Wilfred Cissell & Cecil Clark.Sponsor Ignatius Blandford & Sarah Coleman.B.January 11, 1803.

April 18, 1819.George son of Samuel Willett & Maria Dant.Sponsor Perna & Maria Cissell.B. March 27, 1818.

July 6, 1819.Charles son of Nathaniel Floyd Sponsor Clement Buckman & Frances Wathen.B. March 13, 1788.


February 28, 1820.L. Alexander son of Joseph McKiernan & Julia Smith.Sponsor Lawrence & Elizabeth McKiernan.Rev. Robert A. Abell

February 28, 1820.Samuel son of Augustine Barron & Sara Cissell.Sponsor Reuben McKiernan & Anna Girten.B. December 22, 1796.Dr. John B. Cissell.†† Robert A. Abell.

February 28, 1820.Joseph son of Benedict Davis & Ann Bolds.Sponsor Catharine Drury.B. February 16, 1816.Dr. Ignatius & Robert A. Abell

February 28, 1820.William son of Phillip Albert & Ann Hardy.Sponsor Reuben McKiernan & Teresa Hardy.Robert A. Abell

June 4, 1820.Benedict Joseph son of Thomas Wathen & Ann Sy(canít read).Sponsor John & Matilda Luckett.Robert A. Abell

June 4, 1820.Joann daughter of Samuel Willett & Maria Dant. Sponsor Mary Girten.Reverend Robert A. Abell.

June 4, 1820.William son of John Alvey & Henrietta Ann Clemens.Sponsor John & Catharine Drury.B.February 13, 1802.Robert A. Abell

June 4, 1820.Benjamin son of Robert Culver & Elizabeth Clemens.Sponsor Elizabeth Alvey.Robert A. Abell

June 4, 1820.Robert son of Joseph Alvey & Joanna Haskins.Sponsor Joanna Alvey.Rev.RobertA. Abell

June 4, 1820.Maria Anna daughter of (canít read) Cusick & Sarah.Sponsor Anna Blandford.Robert A. Abell.

June 4, 1820.Eliza Joanna daughter of Isaac Cole & (torn).Sponsor Joseph & Sarah Payne.Rev. Robert A. Abell.

Elisha Durbin writes:After Rev Robert A. Abell (he called him Mr.) came the unfortunate Mr. Coomes to whom I succeeded.I find no record of those baptized by him.He left his congregation to my care in March 1824.I intend to record such of those baptized by him as I come to finding them.Done at the Chapel of the Sacred Heard August 16, 1833.E. J. Durbin.R. C. P.


August 19, 1820. Maria Anna daughter of Martin L. Huites & Martha Miles.B. September 28, 1813. ††Mr. C. C. Coomes.

Francis T. son of Martin L. Huites & Martha Miles.B. August 25, 1822.Rev. C. Coomes.

Juliann Cruz daughter of Peter Cruz & Matilda Abell.B. March 7, 1822.Rev. C. Coomes.

August 14, 1823.Andrew Abel Cruz son of Peter Cruz & Matilda Abell.B. June 1818.

Robert Abell Spalding.B. January 6, 1822.Godmother Henrietta Spalding.Mr. Coomes.

October 30, 1820.Elizabeth Althea daughter of William & Henrietta (Hetty) Spalding).B. January 14, 1820.Mr. Coomes.

Jane Catharine daughter of William & H. E. Spalding.B. July 29, 1823.Mr. Coomes.

October 20, 1820.Teresa daughter of John H. & Teresa Bright. Godmother Matilda Payne.B. August 16, 1818.Mr. Coomes.

John L. Lennarts .B. April 2, 1823. Godmother Susan Luckett.†† Mr. Coomes.


 June 19, 1821.Pius son of Wilfred & Cecil Cissell.Godmother Anastasia Blandford,B. January 10, 1803.

June 19, 1821.William Boarman son of John & Margaret Boarman.Baptized byMr. Coomes or not.

August 6, 1821. George W. son of (torn) Thompson. B. July 14, 1820.

1821.Martha Elizabeth daughter of Elias & Jane Cissell.B.November 3, 1823. Baptizedby Mr. Coomes.

1821 Felix son of Zephaniah & Margaret M. Cambron.B. May 1823.Mr. Coomes.

March 21, 1821.Philips son of Philip & Ann Albert.B. March 6, 1821.††† Mr. Coomes.


March 23, 1824. Illegitimate son of (canít read) & Elizabeth Hayden.Godmother Catharine Cusick.B. 1823.

April 8, 1824.daughter of David Byrne & his wife of Caldwell City†† E. J. Durbin.

April 1824.Mary Ann Daughter of Alvey.B. August 22, 1823.E. J. Durbin.

May 23, 1824.Raphael son of Benedict & Nancy Davis. B. April 23, 1824.E. J. D.

May 26, 1824.Mary Elizabeth daughter of Ignatius & Sarah Cusick.Godmother Teresa Greenwell.E. J. D.

May 27, 1824.Louisa daughter of Leonard & Elizabeth Hayden.Godmother Louisa Clemens.B. 1823.E. J. D.

May 30, 1824.Martha Ann daughter of James & Susan Thompson.Godmother Susan Alvey.B. April 23, 1824.E. J. D.

July 9, 1824.Lewis , George, Mary, Sarah, & Eliza children of Edward Mattingly & his wife. The eldest about 7 years old.Illinois.E. J. Durbin.

July 9, 1824.John son of John Miley & his wife .Godmother Mary Hanmore.About 2 years old.Illinois.E. J. D.

May 10, 1824.Margaret daughter of John Lawler & his wife.Godmother Mary Hanmore. About 7 years old. Illinois.E. J. D.

July 13, 1824.George R. J. E. son of Richard & Teresa Willett.Godmother Clara Woodard.B. July 2, 1824.E. J. D.

July 14, 1824.William & Mary children of Robert Prendergast & his wife.William about 2 years old & Mary about 4 years old.Caldwell City.E. J. D.

September 1, 1824.Robert & Ann children of Peter Sanders & his wife.Sponsors John Lawler & his wife. Robert about 1 & Ann 3 or 4 years old.E. J. D.

October 10, 1824.Joseph son of Lawrence & Elizabeth McKiernan.Godmother Catharine McKiernan.B.September1824.E. J. D.

October 21, 1824.John son of John H. & Teresa Bright.Godmother Catharine Drury.B. September 7, 1824.E. J. Durbin.

November 1, 1824.I supplied the ceremonies of baptism for Robert son of James Alvey & his wife.E. J. D.

November 1, 1824.Catharine M. daughter of Dennis & Clarisse Onan.Sponsor Walter & Catharine Bowles.About a month old.†† E. J. D.

December 6, 1824.Lucy daughter of Joseph Alvey& (torn).Godmother Jane Alvey.A few days old.E. J. Durbin.

December 14, 1824.John son of Charles C. & (torn) Cissell.Godmother Rosella Wathen.B. October (torn).E. J. D.