Union Co., Ky. 1850 Mortality Schedule

Submitted by Peggy D. Gilkey

As the 1850 census was taken, all persons that had died the previous year were added to the census list.

List includes: Name, Sex, Age, Place of Birth, Month of Death, Cause of Death, & Occupation if listed.

Infants and Slaves were listed under the name of the father/owner

NG = Not Given - EN= England - GR= Germany

Abbott, M. H.  f   1  Ky.  July Worms

Alsop, Infant  m   1mo  Ky.  Jan.  Thrush

Alvey, Nathaniel  m   42  Ky.   Dec.  Typhoid Fev  Farmer

Anderson, Alen neg slave  m   60   Ky.   Apr.  Dropsy

Anderson, William   m   30   SL (as listed) Oct.   Flux  Miner

Ashby, H. J.   m   39   Ky.  Mar.  Rheumatism  Merchant

Baker, R. B.   m   5   Ky.  Nov.  Burned

Banks, John R.   m   20   Ky.   Jun.   Unknown   Farmer

Barclay, Emily   f   3  MD   Oct.   Whoop Cough

Berry *   f   30   Ky.   Jan.  Catarrh Fvr.

Berry, John W. neg slave   m   6   Ky.   Apr.   Unknown

Blackwell, J.   f   38   Va.   Jan.   Catalespy

Blackwell, Lucy neg slave  f   19  Ky.   Oct.   Typhus Fvr.

Blackwell, Nancy   f   79   NC   May   Dropsy

Blue, John negro slave   f (as listed)   NG   May   Unknown

Blue, John negro slave   m   1  NG   Nov.   Unknown

Blue, Stephen  m   7mo   NG   Mar.  Consumption

Bluer, Ellen slave of   f   7   Ky.   Jan.  Worms

Bohannon, William   m   9mo   Ky.   Feb.   Unknown

Boone, C. M.  m   21   VA   May  Congeston Fvr.

Bowls, Martha   f   23   Ky.   Feb.   Typhoid Fvr

Brashears, M. E.  f   1   Ky.   Aug.   Not Given

Brashers, J. P.   m  4   Ky.  Oct.  Flux

Brink, Robert   m   78   NG  May   Consumption

Brother, C. T.  m   10mo  Ky.  Aug.  Unknown

Brown, George (as listed)   f   4   Ky.  Apr.  Unknown

Bruce, James   m   3   Ky.   Nov.   Brain Infl.

Brush, Sarah J.   f   19  Tn.  Mar.   Typhoid Fvr.

Burgin, John   m   8mo   Ky.  Oct.  Whoop Cough

Chardwell, Infant   m   5mo  Ky.   Oct.  Diarrhea

Carr, Ruth   f  1mo   Ky.   May   Croup

Catlett, J. A. neg slave   f   30   Ky.   June  Consumption

Cayton, Edward  m   8da   Ky.  Nov.  Hives

Cissel, Wilford   m   72  MD   Mar.  Typhoid Fvr.  Farmer

Clark, Thomas J.  m  40   VA  Mar.  Fever  Farmer

Clements, J. negro slave   f  14  Ky.  Mar.  Typhoid Fvr.

Clements, Mary   f  45   Ky.   June   Unknown

Clements, Walter neg slave  m  2   Ky .  Feb.  Typhoid Fvr.

Collett, Loepold   m   7mo   Ky.   Feb.   Hives

Collins, Minerva   f   44  Ky.   May   Consumption

Cook, S. E.  m   3  Ky.   July   Brain Fever

Cromwell, V. E.  f  18   VA   Mar.  Typhoid Fvr.

Curry, E. Thomas   m  10  Ky.   Aug.  Unknown

Curry, M. R.   f  6  Ky.   Apr.  Hives

Davis, Robert  m  35   NG  July  Cholera

Durbin, George  m   24   VA  Feb.   Diarrhea  Blacksmith

Edwards, John Lewis   m  1  VA   Apr.  Bowel Infl.

Ewell, James   m   35   EN.   July   Cholera  Miner

Finnie, Malissa   f   4  Ky.   Apr.  Lung Disease

Finnie, Mary  f   17   Ky.   July  Consumption

Finnie, Mary   f   67  VA  Mar.  Fever

French, E.   f  16   Ky.   Dec.  Typhoid Fever

Fritz, Frederick   m  26   GR.   July   Cholera   Miner

Grayham, William   m   8mo   Ky.  Jan.  Typhoid Fvr.

Hardy, Gibson   m   6   Ky.   Aug.  Brain Infl.

Harris, A. J. neg. slave  m  30   Ky.   Mar.   Typhoid Fvr.

Henshaw, G. W.   m   3mo  Ky.  Apr.  Brain Infl.

Hieronymus, M. H.  f  24   Ky.   Feb.   Dropsy

Higgington, Joshua  m   45  VA  Feb.   Pleurisy  Clerk Bank Clerk

Hill, John   m   25   VA  May   Typhoid Fvr.

Hines, J. H.   m   11   VA   July  Cholera

Hines, James   m  25   SL  July  Cholera   Carpenter- Joiner

Hite, Henry negro slave   m   7mo   Ky.  Sep.  Croup

Hite, Martin  m   60  EN.  Mar.   Consumption   Farmer

Hite, S. E.   f  1  Ky.   Nov. Brain Dropsy

Hoard, R. J. mulato slave   m   1mo   Ky.   Mar.  Unknown

Jenkins, Jordan neg slave  m   11mo   Ky.   NG (not given)   Unknown

Jenkins, Jordan neg. slave   m  55   Ky.   May Dropsy

Jennings, Eliza  f  20   Ky.  Feb.   Flux

Johnson, John  m  4  EN.  June   Cholera

Johnson, Mary  f  2   MO.  June   Cholera

Jones, C. R.  m  3mo   Ky.  Nov.  Fits

Jones, Winfrey   f   72  WL   May   Old Age

Kemey, William  m   56  VA   May   Pneumonia   Farmer

Lambert, Lewis   m   15   Ky.   Apr.  Pneumonia

Leonards, Jasper   m   21   Ky.   Feb.   Measles   Laborer

Leonards, S.   f   25  Ky.  Mar.  Consumption

Literel, A.  m   57  Ky.  Sep.   Typhoid Fvr.   Farmer

Lynn, John   m   84   SC  Mar.  Palsy  Farmer

Lynn, Samuel   m   7   Ky.   Mar.   Burned

Mahaney, A. H.   m   3  AL.   Apr.   Measles

Marshall, William   m   53   Ky.  Feb.  Dropsy   Farmer

Martin, M. E.   f   5   Ky.   Jul.   Brain Fvr.

Mason, J. E.   m   6mo  Ky.   Aug.   Typhoid Fvr.

Mattingly, J. L.   m  49   Ky.   July  Dropsy  Farmer

McCarvet, Matilda   f   29  IA.  Mar.  Consumption

McClenden, Mary   f  39   Ky.  Feb.  Fever

McClure, Eliza   f   15  Ky.  Feb.   Lung Infl.

McCord, J. C.  m   35  Va.   June   Diarrhea  Boatman   Pilot on River

McElroy, H. negro slave   f.   35  Ky.  Apr.   Typhoid Fvr.

McKinney, Mary  f   6   Ky.  Apr.   Typhoid Fvr.

Menifee, James M.   m   21   Ky.   Apr.   Typhoid Fvr.

Mills, M.  f   25   Ky.  Nov.   Typhoid Fvr.

Minchoff, Mary  f   2   Ky.   July   Unknown

Mitchell, Ann E.  f   1mo   Ky.   Feb.  Cholera

Moreland, Virginia   f   5   IL   Nov.  Whoop Cough

Narthen, C. *   f   3   Ky.   Mar.  Croup

Nixon *   f   46   NG   July   Cholera

Nixon, John   m   50   EN.   July   Cholera   Miner

Nunn, E. A.  f   27   Ky.  July  Consumption

Orr, H.  f   28   Ky.   Dec.  Fever

Price, Irvin negro slave   m   30   Ky.   Feb.   Consumption

Proctor, George negro slave   f   20   Ky.  Feb.   Measles

Pumphrey, W.  m  40   NC   Apr   Bronchitis  Farmer

Randolph, George neg slave  m   47   Ky.   Jan.   Frozen

Ronemus, George  m  75  PA.   July   Dairrhea  Farmer

Rouds, Henry   m   40   Ky.   Jan.   Typhoid Fvr   Farmer

Rowley, James  m   27   Va.  Mar.  Drowned  Farmer

Rudick, Robert  m  27  IR   May   Typhoid Fvr.   Shoemaker  Cordwaine

Scott *   f   1mo   Ky.  May  Unknown

Siglar, Malinda   f   6  Ky.   Dec.   Lock Jaw

Slack, Joseph   m  10mo   Ky.   May   Unknown

Smith, E. M.   f   15   IL   Aug.  Brain Infl.

Smith, Georgiana   f   4mo   PA.   Apr.  Brain Infl.

Spearbeck, G. W.  m   1   OH   July   Cholera

Sprague, Benjamin   m  24  Ky.  July   Bowel Infl.  Farmer

Stalions, James   f   7mo  Ky.   Apr.   Unknown

Sugg, Jo negro slave   m   26   Ky.   May   Cholera

Taylor, Joshua   m   1mo  Ky.   Nov.   Croup

Taylor, William  m   31  Ky.   Jan.   Fever  Farmer

Teer, Sarah negro slave   f   12  Ky.  June   Dropsy

Thomas, Adaline   f   11  NY   May   Accident

Thompson, Leo   m   37   Ky.   Apr.   Typhoid Fvr.  Farmer

Threldkel, J. G.   m  2   Ky.  Apr.  Typhoid Fvr.

Vaughn, A. J.   f   15  Ky  May  Fits

Vaughn, Henrietta   f   1  Ky.  Oct.   Chill Fvr.

Walker, Allen   m   18   Va.   Apr.  Typhoid Fvr.   Blacksmith

Wallace, S. B. negro slave  m   45  Ky.   Jan.   Suicide

Walker, Isabella  f   20   Ky.   Oct.   Consumption

Warren, *   m   25   Ky.  June   Acci. shot   Laborer

Wathen, Ann  f   69   MD   Nov.   Typhoid Fvr.

Wheeler, Andy  m   55   NC  July  Cholera

Whitehead, Ruth  f   2  EN.  May  Fever

Willet, B. W.  m   9mo  Ky.   Dec.   Fever

Willet, George   m   4  Ky.   May   Unknown

Williams, A. S.  m   1  Ky.   July   Bronchitis

Williams, James C. slave  f   8mo  Ky.   Mar.   Croup

Wilson, A.   m  65  Va.   Feb  Consumption  Farmer

Wilson, Josiah  m   1mo  Ky.  Sep.  Unknown

Woodard, L.  f   11   Ky.   April   Burned

Young, Millen neg slave  m   31  Ky.  Apr.   Typhoid Fvr.

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