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Hancock School
Mildred Willett -- Teacher

Front Row Left to Right

Second Row Left to Right

Third Row Left to Right

Back Row Left to Right

Alter Rhodes Rosie Neighbors Leon Willett Joe Jenkins
Adrian Wolfe Thelma Berry Romuald Hagan Ben Fowler
J.O. Hagan Mary Margaret Fowler Albert Martin Eugene Rhodes
Joseph Barker Elizabeth Barker Roberta Jackson John William Berry
Anthony Wolfe Theresa Hagan Mary Berry Lucille Berry
Joe Buckman Margery H. Willett Kathleen Hagan Mary Elizabeth Rhodes
Lafayette Nally Mary Frances Martin Mary Catherine Barker Rose Elizabeth Buckman
John Buckman Gertrude Blanford Gertrude Jenkins Matilda "Till" Hagan
Damian Fowler Ethelreida Hagan Eloise Neighbors
Paul Wolfe
John Hagan
James Wolfe
William Rhodes

Thanks to Charles Blanford for pointing out a couple name omissions and supplying the omitted information!

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