I located this old picture of Phipps taken December 1939. don't know how it will come out there. Its rather large for scanner and very old and black and white. I know almost everyone in picture but cant find me. in case u cant read the writing below picture I will now type it:

Phipps school which has had 3 sites is probably one of the oldest educational institutions in Union county. The present site for this one-room building was established in the late eighties or early nineties when James R Phipps donated a portion of  his 1303 acre farm for that purpose. he served as trustee for over half a century.

The present building is the oldest school building in the county, and out from Phipps school have probably gone more students tahn any other one-room school in the county.

Some of the oldest former phills students now living  in the county are Mrs. Ella Higginson, 86 and Johnnie Roberts 80, who have spent their entire lives in this school district. John Ballew, Boxville and Harbert Mcmurray of Chicago.

The oldest living teacher is Mrs. Lilly G. Hosman (she was my grandmother) whose whole family was schooled at Phipps, where a grandson is now enrolled (there were actually 4 of we grandsons there) Present enrollment totals 37 and the instructor in the 8 grades is Labe Shelton( worst teacher I ever had) who attended school at both Western Teachers  college, Bowling Green and Murray Teachers college.